I use portraits as tools of discovery, of welcoming change, of stepping into our power.

losing (and finding) my voice

When I was in high school, I lost my voice. Not physically, but I moved to the Unites States and couldn’t speak English very well nor did I know how to behave as an American (what do you mean you don’t kiss someone on the cheek when you meet? The drinking age is what? ).

So I lost my ability to communicate, along with any beginnings of an identity I had formed so far. I lost my voice in the world. It took me a long time to find it again, and in the process something funny happened – where I used spoken and written language to express myself before, images were now my most powerful tool. And I learned how powerful those images could be in creating a whole new narrative for my life.




I was born in Brazil and grew up surrounded by a close knit artistic family, full of musicians, crafters, painters, and writers, though most as hobbyists. Art was encouraged as cultural enrichment, but never as a path to follow. This environment gave me a love of art but also the need to create my own despite all the challenges. After moving to the United States, forging a whole new me, expanding my world, and immersing myself in both Japanese and French cultures for a time, I began to pursue my own art in the form of illustration and photography. I now live in Portland, OR with my little family and try to constantly challenge myself to push my boundaries in art.


Some Fancy-Shmancy Trivia


I'm a member of the SCBWI - Oregon chapter

I like to draw as well as take pictures. One day I'll write an illustrate a children's book. If I had a choice of beer or wine, I’d choose cider. I love to work with ink and watercolor, but not necessarily together. I loved green mangoes with vinegar and salt as a kid growing up in Brazil. And I’m terrified of frogs.



I was a teacher's pet

I received an Arthur Schomburg Graduate Fellowship and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa while getting 3 bachelors and a masters (and beginning an unfinished PhD).