Portrait Sessions give you a great platform to tell your story, on your terms. These packages will give you the means to explore portraiture as a way to express yourself. You know who you are, you know your message, and you're ready to shout it out. Or maybe you want to try on different and new looks and find one that feels most comfortable.

"You could not step twice in the same river" said a Greek Philosopher. Our lives flow, changes come, we grow, become new selves.  At each new step and chapter of our stories, these changes feel uncomfortable, like new shoes not yet broken into our favorite pair. Exploration Sessions are designed for these times of change in our life, reassertion of who we are and who we want to become. They combine story telling, mindset techniques, and portraiture to explore the multiple layers of your identity, the collections of stories you've told about yourself and the new one you're beginning. With the power of visuals we can also harness the power of personal narrative to at the very least explore new roles and selves, and perhaps even build future identities we want to grow into.