Have you ever tried to set an intention? The first time I heard of it referred to choosing a word for the new year, like "this year my word will be 'growth'" and that sets the intention for what you'd like to happen in the next year. It's a part of mindset work and incredibly helpful, especially when followed through and combined with visualization, focus, and working towards specific goals.

I'm a big fan.

So yeah, I've brought that in to how I take portraits. You set and intention and use the portraits as an aide, or a visual reminder and also proof that what you are working towards has already been set into motion and is coming true.

I know someone who's lovely on the inside and out, and in her work she deals with some heave stuff. So for her portraits she wanted to embody power, confidence, but also a very feminine beauty. She set the intention to have those attributes embodied in her images and we went to work.
I love the confidence she displayed and how her mindset work really set the tone for everything we did, from her choice of location to the outfits she picked.

Thank you, Megan, it was an honor to be a part of your process.