I took some time off for a couple of weeks to go visit family back East with the girls. It was the best EVER and we loved being back there. But you know, work never ends, and it's hard to leave for a while and get back into the rhythm of work, I lose my thoughts and ideas. Well, actually not quite. 

Time off feeds your brain and you get better ideas

I know most of us can see the benefits of taking time off as far as relaxing, having better balance in our lives, spending time with our families. But actually it's good for work too! I tried to stay away from the camera for most of the time while away, and just talk people's ears off, play with the girls, and visit with friends. On one of my last days I took the camera on a walk with the girls, some family members and their dog, Rufus. 

We caught the sunset. It was magic.

And you know what? I felt completely inspired when it comes to work. I got so many ideas for new projects, poses, locations, so many things to try. 

Giving my brain a break gave it room to let ideas grow

And it turns out my experience is not unusual. Check out Adam Grant's Ted talk.

So here's to more time off, more time for inspiration, and growing our work through doing nothing!