Everyone knows our life changes when we become pregnant. Everything changes. Everything.

Our body changes first. It's funny, with both my pregnancies I had a high fever within the first 5-7 weeks. I rarely ever have fevers, and it was almost as if my body was confused by the changes. My tastes changed, my hair, my skin, and between pregnancies my moods as well. For my first, I was meditative, positive, happy. For my second, I was a grumpy troll yelling and crying at any moment.

But I'm rambling (reminiscing).

Pregnancy brings change and celebration. It's one time when we are so aware of the upheaval we'll endure, we have to face it head on. And we have some time to prepare. More or less. Other changes we go through are much more subtle, catch us by surprise, and they could be much more disrupting because of their sneakiness. I imagine that's what it will be like when my kids leave our home in many, many, many moons from now. Shocking in how abruptly it will sneak up on me, this becoming an empty-nester.

So here's to pregnancy, an honest change in womanhood.